Employee Benefits & Perks

We believe in providing our staff with a work environment that is happy & harmonious. One that helps them become their best professionally so that they can achieve their professional goals. Here are just a few of the things that we do:

Respect for all team members

We respect the right of all to maintain and enhance their cultural identity, values and customs.

Teamwork built on honesty and co-operativeness

We work honestly and co-operatively with our colleagues in the interests of children and families - treating all with respect, dignity and caring.

Open communication and management style

You will enjoy working in a service that is managed with openness and integrity using best practice and accountability to maintain high professional standards.

Our staff are our most important asset

We promote excellence and consider our personnel to be our strength and major resource in achieving our objective and effective human relationship are fundamental to our practice.

Diverse skills and experiences

You will have the opportunity to work with other services in the community and your colleagues using the combined strengths and skills of everyone.

Safety comes first

You will experience a safe workplace where staff are provided with regular supervision an work within a proven and consistent professional framework.